Monika Miglani leads the protest against Delhi MCD’s non-business friendly policies

There has been an issue raised in Dwarka sector 11 pockets 4 markets regarding parking prices. In several markets in Dwarka, MCD under BJP started taking parking charges in these markets, where business was already trying to reel out of lockdowns and slowing economy. This is a local market in which locals visit to buy daily essential items like bread, eggs, biscuits, medicines, etc. All these essential items cost between Rs 50 to Rs 500. To purchase daily groceries they have to pay exorbitant parking charges has already caused lower footfall in markets and these purchasers moving to online formats. Such behavioral changes forced upon by MCD under BJP has caused the local business to suffer further. Sales has dropped and so has customer footfall. Against this very act, that is already mired in controversy around the process it was done without any due diligence, Market associations along with the help of ruling AAP party workers under leadership of MLA Gulab Singh and MLA representative Monika MIglani protested against this non local-business friendly policy of ruling BLP.

Monika Miglani, Prabhari (Delhi State Women’s Wing ) AAP and social enabler and entrepreneur also stood with the protestors to strengthen their resolve around the local community. Monika Miglani who is also MLA representative of Shri Gulab Singh assured the local business of her and her party’s support to raise this issue with MCD who has been arbitrarily forcing policies that are impacting local business survival..

Speaking to the media she said, people have already suffered a lot during the covid crisis and these unnecessary parking charges, at such times, in a local market are unjustified both for citizens and local businesses. People have already lost a lot in lockdown and now it is the time when common people are trying to get their business back on track. MCD under BJP, instead of supporting them, is launching non-business friendly policies that are harassing both customers and business owners. She also added the scenario of sectors 6 and 11 where if people came to buy a single bread packet, they were forced to pay hefty parking charges.

Matiala Vidhansabha MLA Gulab Singh was there listening to the problems of local businesses viz. shopkeepers and assured them that soon they will find the solution regarding this issue. Also during this whole hustle bustle contractors behind the parking misbehaved with even MLA Gulab Singh and the situation almost circumvented into mafia like behavior. Who could not even show contract papers from parking contractors which can prove they are authorised to collect such a levy.

Talking to Media MLA Gulab Singh explained the whole scenario and said, if somebody wants to buy a INR 100 rupee stuff, obviously he will park his vehicle in-service lane but here parking contractor has been asked to toll the vehicles that are unethical. This is a type of dictatorship of the municipal corporation and BJP government, said MLA Gulab Singh. He also assured local businesses of his support against the dictatorship rule of the BJP led MCD.

Many Aap party workers came forward to support this market association and raised their voice against this injustice. Their concern was, BJP which is managing municipal corporations is not doing the required works and just levying the unethical charges on different sectors of Dwarka and this is high time to highlight this issue.